Autumnal stock-take

Autumn is a time for taking stock of your garden – what works, what doesn’t, and planning any changes. A new border? A patio perhaps, or a water feature? That tree which shades your garden has to go, as does that shrub that is brown and woody. That beautiful specimen bush is just in the wrong place.. Your garden will always be a work in progress, so make the most of it and seize the opportunities it presents.

Autumn is the best time to move any plants such as shrubs, without giving them a nasty shock, as the plants are naturally retreating in preparation for winter.

Prepare shrubs and trees for the storms to come by trimming any broken or excess growth that might catch the wind.

Rake fallen leaves from your lawn and give grass a last cut. You can also take a fork and aerate at regular intervals to improve drainage and deter moss.

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