Spring Lawn Care

Time to get the lawn mower out of hibernation and dusted off ready to make the first cut of the season. The smell of fresh grass clippings having been a distant memory will stimulate the senses and bring back memories of warmer days. Don’t be too harsh with your first clip, set the mower high and just remove the top. If your lawn is prone to worm casts then brush off before mowing with a besom broom.

You will need to mow the lawn at least once a week now. Gradually reduce the height of cut to the desired level. Feed the lawn with a nitrogen based fertiliser. This will green up and thicken up the lawn. If any weeds have invaded the lawn use a weed and feed. If you have bare areas (perhaps where leaves have laid) then scratch over with a spring tine rake and throw down some grass seed or for instant results with no risk of weeds patch in with new turf.