Winter is the best time to remove any unwanted trees from your garden. Smaller trees can sometimes be trimmed and removed with hand tools but larger trees can be deceptively heavy and dangerous, please do not risk injury, contact us if you need professional help.

The winds will come and go many times over winter so do not attempt to keep your garden perfectly tidy. A messy pile of sticks in a corner can provide shelter for hibernating hedgehogs over winter who will repay you in Spring by eating slugs and snails and other garden pests.

If your lawn gets waterlogged in wet weather, you can aerate it with a fork to encourage drainage. Remove any remaining clumps of leaves from your lawn.

Late winter, February-March is the best time to trim roses. Look for any dead wood and remove, and remove any suckers – rapid new growth coming from the ground – as this will never flower. Try to cut just above a bud, or leaf, or if no bud visible, cut to shape. Different roses require different approaches so please check beforehand.